Why Your Company Needs a Cybersecurity Mindset

In today’s ever-increasing digital age, it is more important now than ever to act with cybersecurity in mind. No longer is it sufficient to simply be good at your business – you also need to be good at protecting your data. While it’s important to ensure that your IT department is keeping your information secure, it’s vital to understand that information security is more than an IT issue. A cybersecurity mindset is vital for every member of every department.

people with a cybersecurity mindset sitting down near table with assorted laptop computers

What Is Cybersecurity?

In simple terms, cybersecurity is the many ways that people, technologies, and policies work together to protect a network, device, program, or body of data from attack. This can mean anything from installing firewalls to protecting passwords to backing up data in the event of an attack.

Why Is Cybersecurity Important for My Company?

Cybersecurity is not limited to tech companies anymore. If you run a business that keeps anything online, cybersecurity should be at the top of your mind. Personal, employee, and client data that are stored on your network are all vulnerable to an attack, and a cybersecurity mindset is the first step in protecting your data from a malicious agent.

How Do I Test My Security?

While there are many ways to test if a network is properly protected from an outside agent, we recommend beginning with something called a Penetration Test (PenTest). During a PenTest, a security analyst from an outside company (we suggest Ra Security!) will make an attempt to infiltrate your network as though they were an attacker. Depending on the goals of the PenTest, the analyst will try to install malware, access secured accounts, or other malicious activities. The Rapid Attack Simulation PenTest (RASP) is an excellent place to begin because it covers a wide range of malicious activities and can be conducted quickly without disrupting your regular business activities.

What Happens After a PenTest?

The answer to this question is different for every company. Our analysts will make recommendations for improvement depending on the results of the PenTest, and it’s up to you how to proceed from there. Whether your system is impenetrable or an open book, our analysts will be here to help you decide the best way to proceed to improve your network security.

In The Meantime…

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