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Our Story

Founded in 1994 as InfoTech Associates, we pioneered data-driven business applications across wide area networks and the burgeoning Internet. Our active involvement in the security community became public in 1996, when a computer under our management was compromised. 

Our pioneering work in intrusion detection and incident handling complemented the FBI’s successful effort to apprehend, extradite, and subsequently prosecute the attackers. The FBI considers the incident a landmark case, using it as a case study for their cybercrime training program. 

Since that time, Ra Security Systems has consistently taken an innovative approach to information security to protect our customers against evolving threats in an increasingly networked business environment. 

Our Team

Gideon Lenkey, President and Co-Founder

With nearly twenty years of experience in information security consulting, Gideon Lenkey specializes in IT infrastructure testing and cybersecurity management. He has provided the FBI with advanced training and has served as a consultant for both foreign and domestic government agencies. The former president of FBI’s InfraGuard program in New Jersey, Gideon has been recognized by former FBI Director Robert Mueller for his accomplishments. Gideon regularly lectures, writes, and grants interviews on cyber security topics. You can also find Gideon as a coauthor of the 2011 book “Gray Hat Hacking” and featured in the film documentary “Code 2600”. In addition to his position as President and Co-Founder of Ra Security, Gideon works as the Director of Technology for Epsco-Ra. 

Robert Grabowsky, VP Security Operations

Glenn Murphy, IT Gov. & Internal Controls Advisor

With twenty four years of experience in security, network, system, and software designs, Bob is responsible for the design, management, development, and implementation of RSS’s network security monitoring methodologies (NSM) and distributed Monitoring infrastructures

The principle of GRC Management Consulting, Glenn has more than 30 years of experience in financial and operational compliance. Among his many certifications include the CPA, CMA, an MS in Computer Information Systems, and an MBA from RBS. In addition to his work with Ra Security you can find Glenn on his Leverage Compliance blog or connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Haley Johnson, Marketing Director

Casey McKelvey, Cyber Operations Manager

Currently pursuing an MS in Strategic Marketing and Advertising from Temple University, Haley is responsible for all of Ra Security’s marketing efforts. From our fancy new website to all external communications, if you’re reading it, odds are Haley wrote it. 

Casey holds degrees in Security and Risk Analysis with a focus in Cyber Security and Criminal Justice and Intelligence Operation Studies. His experience in security stems from previous work in the financial industry as well as his current military career which includes reconnaissance and intelligence analysis.

Tammy Pearce, Account Manager

Eric Pinkerton, Senior Penetration Tester

Micky Alfalo, Cyber Security Analyst

Alberto Pacheco, Cyber Security Analyst

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide the utmost level of managed security and incident response to all of our clients so that you can focus on what matters most: Running your business. 

About Ra Security

Ra Security Systems is a New Jersey based cybersecurity company founded upon decades of experience in information security consulting, IT infrastructure testing, and cybersecurity management.

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