Looking for a smarter way to pentest?

You need the RASP

The RASP is not your average PenTest

Our unique method of rapid attack simulation allows us to gather data and quantify how well you are using your security controls faster than ever before.  We take a deep dive into your system to test for a myriad of common deficiencies such as inadequate firewall configuration, system hardness, and so much more. Once we’re finished, you get a report card detailing how you score in each category, complete with a guide for how to improve.


Your annual pentest should be a simple, streamlined process that can be easily repeated year after year. Instead, it’s a cumbersome and confusing system that leaves you jumping through hoops to make sure you’re meeting the minimum requirements. Instead of undergoing your annual pentest with ease you’re:

Worried about fitting a lengthy test into your organization's busy schedule.

Wasting money on pentests that don't give you the information you need.

Lost when it comes to assessing whether your pentest is actually doing a good job.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

Affordable, Convenient, and Consistent, the RASP is Different.

Ra Security’s unique, proprietary methodology allows us to quickly test your network security access across various devices and applications, rank each in order of effectiveness, and leave you with a roadmap of exactly what actions you need to take to improve your network security. 

Is this you?

You know it’s time to schedule your annual pentest but, you weren’t happy with your previous pentest provider. You don’t even know what the latest recommendations for pentesting are, and you don’t want to waste money on an irrelevant test. You don’t have weeks or even months to interrupt operations and distract your team with a full penetration test, but you also know that a vulnerability scan won’t satisfy your needs. 

You’re looking for a clear, concise, and actionable penetration test report that won’t take forever and won’t break the bank. 

You Need the RASP

Why? You already know. Pentests are expensive, time consuming, and often feel as though they are testing irrelevant information. Vulnerability scans are faster, but they don’t dive into the details or leave you with a clear path towards improvement. RASP meets you in the middle. RASP is fast, cost-effective, and relevant, leaving you with proof that your controls are working and action steps that you can take now to improve.

“We already work with Ra, so we need a third party to do our penetration testing. We still use the RASP as an economical way for us to prepare so we know we’re in the best shape possible for our annual penetration test.”
Financial Services Client

The RASP is for you if…

What’s the Difference?

Traditional Penetration Test

Ra Security’s RASP

About Ra Security

Founded in 1994 as InfoTech Associates, we pioneered data-driven business applications across wide area networks and the burgeoning Internet. 

Our work in intrusion detection and incident handling complemented the FBI’s successful effort to apprehend, extradite, and subsequently prosecute the attackers. The FBI considers the incident a landmark case,  using it as a case study for their cybercrime training program. 

Since that time, Ra Security Systems has consistently taken an innovative approach to information security to protect our customers against evolving threats in an increasingly networked business environment.

How to schedule your RASP:

Shortly after you will receive your report outlining:


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