A properly implemented SIEM solution can make a tremendous difference in the overall IT security of your organization.

Our SIEM solution leverages industry-leading technology, and our expert analysis, to provide you with an easily implementable system that can expand with your requirements.

Our solution integrates the SIEM capabilities you need:

  • Data Aggregation & Log Management
  • Data Correlation
  • Robust & Customizable Alerting
  • Customer Portal
  • Compliance Data Gathering
  • Data Retention Based On Your Requirements
  • Our Expert Forensic Analysis

Additional security can be recognized by integrating the SIEM with Ra Security’s Network Security Monitoring (NSM) service.

Why do most SIEM implementations fail?

  • There are no clear objectives concerning specific intelligence desire
  • Collecting everything and then attempting to extract useful intelligence from that dataset

This is how most SIEM projects fail to deliver, yet consume a disproportionate amount of the IT security budget.

Don’t make these mistakes – Use our expertise to avoid these pitfalls.

The Ra Security Difference

Expert Credentials

Ra Security offers some of the most highly-recognized talent in the industry, with multiple certifications including CISSP, CISA, GCIA, GCFW and Security+

Field Engineers

Our field engineers help design, deploy and assess environments for clients in banking, finance, insurance, education, law enforcement, government, and more.

Incident Response

Security incidents can happen anywhere at any time. Ra Security Systems provides assistance both on-site and remotely to assist you in handling your incident end to end. From acquisition and analysis through mitigation and expert testimony Ra Security will be with you every step of the way