Managed Security
Security isn’t set it and forget it. In order to protect your company in today’s environment, you need to be constantly vigilant. Ra Security’s suite of Managed Services will help you keep on top of of the ever-changing security threat landscape.

Network Security Monitoring
Protective measures will always fail. You need to constantly monitor your network traffic to identify signs of compromise. Our team of security analyst are working around the clock to make sure your network is safe.

SSL Monitoring
Most malware today is being encrypted. You need to have a plan in place to identify these threats that are being hidden. Our advanced Firewalls, along with our Network Security Monitoring service, will allow us to combat this growing threat.

Collecting and correlating your networking equipment log files is the next layer of security needed in today’s world. We use class-leading software, on our proprietary hardware, to deliver a comprehensive and scalable SIEM solution.

Managed Firewalls
In order to maximize the benefits of your Firewalls, they need to be properly managed. It is not enough to initially configure them and then forget them. Firewalls need to be regularly tweaked and configured, with security in mind, to help maintain a defense against outside elements.

Security Testing
You’ve come up with a Security Plan and installed the latest equipment and services to protect your network. Now what?
The next step is to test your environment to measure its effectiveness against thwarting an attack.

Enterprise Penetration Testing
It is not enough to run some scans and point out vulnerabilities. You need to determine how your enterprise will withstand an attack from a hacker in a real world scenario. Out team of engineers will provide you with a thorough understanding of where your weaknesses lie, and how best to allocate your budget to provide the most benefit.

Remote Assessments (SCARAB)
If your budget doesn’t support a full test, our remote Assessment is the next best thing. We will simulate an attack, and how your systems react, to an insider with malicious intent.

Vulnerability Scans
This is a first step in identifying potential areas of compromise. We will scan your network hosts, on a regular schedule, to identify known vulnerabilities and configuration issues.

Application Penetration Testing
Web application are particularly vulnerable to attacks. Allow us to take part in the planning stages to help ensure a more secure application. Or, engage us after, to test the application and report on weaknesses.

Consulting Services
Get access to our IT security expertise for an upcoming project. Or, engage us to analyze and clean up an incident. Either way, our analysts are here to help.

Systems Harding (Servers, Workstations, Mobile)
Once a hacker gets into your network, it is often vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your system configurations that allow the hacker to spread the damage. Protect against this weakness by hardening your desktop configurations. Our analysts are uniquely qualified to help in this endeavor.

Cloud Data Encryption
Think your data is safe in the cloud? Think again? You need to understand and protect against the pitfalls of cloud services. An encryption plan is an absolutely necessary step in protecting your data.

Incident Response & Remediation
If your budget doesn’t support a full test, our remote Assessment is the next best thing. We will simulate an attack, and how your systems react, to an insider with malicious intent.

The Ra Security Difference

Expert Credentials

Ra Security offers some of the most highly-recognized talent in the industry, with multiple certifications including CISSP, CISA, GCIA, GCFW and Security+

Field Engineers

Our field engineers help design, deploy and assess environments for clients in banking, finance, insurance, education, law enforcement, government, and more.

Incident Response

Security incidents can happen anywhere at any time. Ra Security Systems provides assistance both on-site and remotely to assist you in handling your incident end to end. From acquisition and analysis through mitigation and expert testimony Ra Security will be with you every step of the way