Systems Hardening

A common point of entry for Malware is through the desktop user.

From there, the attacker can use that single point of entry to infect the entire network.

An effective method for containing such an attack, and therefore greatly limiting the potential damage, is to “harden” your desktop configurations.

What does a hardened desktop configuration provide?

  • A workstation configuration that greatly increases the security of the workstation
  • Makes the system much more difficult to be compromised and used as an entry point to infect the entire network
  • The creation of a Windows workstation configuration designed to resist common attacks such as Pass the Hash
  • A base image for deploying workstations throughout the enterprise

It is well worth the effort to deploy properly hardened desktop configurations throughout your enterprise.

Our team of engineers have a practical understanding of the issues with insecure desktops.  We exploit them all the time through our testing services!  Let us use this knowledge to help you protect your environment.

The Ra Security Difference

Expert Credentials

Ra Security offers some of the most highly-recognized talent in the industry, with multiple certifications including CISSP, CISA, GCIA, GCFW and Security+

Field Engineers

Our field engineers help design, deploy and assess environments for clients in banking, finance, insurance, education, law enforcement, government, and more.

Incident Response

Security incidents can happen anywhere at any time. Ra Security Systems provides assistance both on-site and remotely to assist you in handling your incident end to end. From acquisition and analysis through mitigation and expert testimony Ra Security will be with you every step of the way